Saturday, April 11, 2009

Remember the tie dress?

School holidays have arrived and Maya was quick to start her sewing. First up was the mini skirt made from recycled ties. This morning we scoured the local op shops and came home with a bounty of great silk ties, a navy glomesh shoulder bag, a black jumper, a beautiful marquisite brooch and fabulous earrings all for $25. Maya decided that she wanted a skirt rather than a dress. Three hours later it is shaping up well. Unfortunately we have to wait till Tuesday when the Easter extra long weekend finishes to buy an invisible zip for the final seam. I'm so proud of her interest in making and remaking things. Next she plans to make BWOF 09/2008 111 in bright blue t-shirting. It looks like a top in the drawing but is actually a dress. I like her quirky styling.

Meanwhile my dress is finished but I'm not too pleased with it. The fabric is just so cheap that it just wrinkles across the body.
I do like the contrast in the sleeves and will try this again. I have some great white lace and was thinking that this dress would look good in white linen for Spring. My kids suggested this belt - I don't think so... Perhaps something a little narrower?


  1. Congrats to your daughter and her sewing, that's wonderful! Mine is only 5, but likes to help pin, cut, and push the pedal. As for your dress, I think it looks great, and I like the belt. Love your boots!

  2. Wow! It looks as if your daughter has inherited her mom's ingenuity!!! I also like the dress. I would also opt for a narrower belt, but that's just me. The sleeves are beautiful. I think white linen would be beautiful in this style.

  3. Gail some of the wrinkling could be eliminated by adding a bust dart and changing the shoulder slope. I love the fabric, color and the wide belt.

  4. Sounds like a flurry of activity - can't wait to see the tie skirt ...