Sunday, September 26, 2010

There is nothing like rumpled linen

This is the latest of the Spring/Summer wardrobe pieces from Burda June 2008 115. It is made from beautiful Italian linen from Tessutis - seriously the most cooperative fabric on the planet. It is charcoal grey with creme and black back threads in the great weight that still looks good even if a little rumpled.
One tip if you are making this jacket, trim the curve on the top of the shoulders down a fraction. I didn't do this, and wonder if I should add small raglan sleeved shoulder pads to fill in the shoulders.
Overall I'm very pleased with the way it came out. I used Hong Kong and French seams on the inside and top stitching on my new machine is a dream.
My husband doesn't like this jacket at all - he suggests that the short boxy style doesn't flatter. "Its too short and why would you put pockets to accentuate your widest part?". Well thanks honey!! Personally I'm happy in it, provided it is worn with slim fitted pants or shirt and a longer t-shirt fitting closely over the hips.
Husbie and Mini-me are going camping for three nights, so I hope that I can start some new projects while they are away. It is becoming very warm, so I definitely want to start with two or three quick short sleeved t-shirts. Summer t-shirts t are in desperately short supply in my wardrobe. Then I should begin thinking about an outfit for a November cocktail party. In typical Sydney fashion, the style for this event is classy but casual. I am thinking of a maxi dress.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

First of Spring Summer

This is my first of spring summer outfits. The skirt is from Simplicity 2475 which I fully lined because of the colour. Great pattern that achieves a very good fit. Next time I make it I have to change my adjustments to the waist band slightly as I kept too much of the curve resulting in a distinct inverted v at the side zip.
Astute readers of my blog will also notice that I have retrieved my blouse from Mini-me! I want to fix this blouse again to get it right. It looks quite nice, but the shoulders don't fit well. I think I need to widen the arm hole at the underarm.

I also want to thank Rosie from and Rebecca from
for this Beautiful blogger Award. According to the rules I'm meant to tell something about myself and nominate some other bloggers, so here goes.
I am the wrong side of 50
I like to travel
I quit my job in the city to return to my consultancy practice
I have recently acquired a huge stash of patterns and fabric (this is not like me!)
My children are my greatest blessing.

I am nominating three stylish women who make clothes that I want to wear:
Alison at

Sunday, September 12, 2010

One for the pyre

It seems the whole world is in an incendiary mood. I do not support book burning of any sort, but am about to start a bonfire of my own. The bad frock pyre.
I am so cross that I spent over a week making this dress for the Jewish New Year. The pattern is Simplicity 2724 and while it is quite well made, it doesn't suit me at all. The silky top and ruffle accentuates my full bust-not in a Christina Henricks way-and the high waisted skirt is just unflattering. My new mantra is make a muslin first, because tissue fitting will only tell that the garment will fit. The pyre is imaginary only - I will take off the bottom half to make a skirt and am pondering the impossibilities for rescuing the top half. What would you throw onto the bad frock pyre? - bad patterns would help stoke the embers too.

Meanwhile, I've had a better start to my summer sewing with my white skirt using the fabulous Simplicity 2475. I cut the curvy and it fitted with only a very minor adjustment to the waist band. I am making view B. Should be finished in a day or so, as I decided that I needed to add a white lining to avoid show through.