Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grey pencil skirt

 It has been a long, long day but I reckon my new grey wool pencil skirt has stood up to it better than the Ponte jacket.  This is the first of my self drafted pencil skirts which I'll be wearing as part of my corporate 'uniform'.  The drafting instructions from Studio Faro  include a zip guard - photographed below.  At first I was worried about how to insert a zip guard behind an invisible zip but it was really very easy.  You simply stitch the fashion fabric side of the guard to the seam allowance for the zip then fold back the seam allowance of the lined side and hand stitch to the lining.  The advantage of having a zip guard is a zip that glides up and down easily and a luxurious, comfortable garment finish.

I didn't use a zip guard on the lace skirt as it has no waist band.  In retrospect this was a mistake as I have to be extra careful not to catch the lace in the zipper teeth.  I used two layers of lining - one as underlining catch-stitching the seams to ensure that they sit flat and the second inner lining, which creates a clean finish with no visible seams.  I plan three more of these skirts - the geometric Ponte print from my original print, one plain red and one basic black.

So happy sewing and don't forget to make a comment on my previous post if you are interested in receiving the Pattern Pyramid.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Valedictory victory and something for you!

The sewing fairy has been active at my house, but the blogging fairy flew away while we celebrated high school graduation, valedictory dinner, Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement.
So what has the sewing fairy been up to?   Drafting pencil skirts based on a block being sold online by the lovely Anita McAdam at Studio Faro.  
So far I've made one in  pale grey wool and this yellow and blue guipure lace skirt for my daughter's valedictory dinner.   The fabric was a roll end from the Fabric Store in Sydney.  I love the skirt but I lost some of the tapered effect through ensuring that the scallops matched at the hem line. No biggie.
I am very pleased with my daughter's dress - a 'frankenpattern'.  The bottom half is from Vogue 8928 and the top half from vintage Vogue 9539.  I changed the back view to mirror the cutaways in the front.  The fabric - a cotton sateen - was bought a few years ago for about $3 a metre from the Remnant Warehouse in Sydney.  I lined the skirt with the same fabric and the top half with navy silk, creating a very clean finish and super comfortable  against the skin.  I'll post some interior photos of each of these outfits along with my grey skirt soon.

I also have to tell you about it the pattern pyramid I've won and must pass on.

This pyramid of patterns has had quite a journey down under travelling via Karen at Did You Make That? to dottie doodle to jessie kay makes to Down the Retro Rabbit Hole  to Rachel of House of Pinheiro to Almond Rock to Oanh of Unique Schmuck to the curious kiwi  to The Perfect Nose, and finally to Clio and Phineas where I won it. 
The idea is that you take one item and add at least one item before sending it on to the next winner.  Clio took the shirt pattern in the original group picture and added these two great patterns.
I was torn between the Burda magazine and one of Clio's  additions - the Anne Klein pattern. 
So I decided I would take both and add three patterns.  A great coat pattern Vogue 8862 and evening wear New Look 6401 and a vintage offering (pictured below) which I think still has resonance today.
To win the pattern pyramid just post a comment on this site.  I'll draw the winner in a week.