Sunday, December 8, 2013

More dressing up

It was my husband who suggested a little black dress for my daughter's farewell to school cocktail party.  I am so glad he did as I felt very elegant and it provided the perfect showcase for the black wool damask I bought in Barcelona a few years back.

I used Simplicity 2648 as my base but made some changes to the neckline by deepening the front and inserting a V-shape at the back.

I wish I could claim it as my own, but I did not make my daughter's stunning off shoulder kaftan.  It is from Australian designer and old girl from her school Camilla Franks. 

Having made both her Valedictory dinner and formal outfits I felt I owed her a ready to wear piece that was unique and worthy of my hard earned cash.

I love the lining of my dress, which is black at the top and a satin animal print for the skirt.  My edgy little secret.

I've been taking drafting classes with Anita McAdam from Studio Faro.  The dress below is a sneak peak of my first attempt from my basic dress block.  After I ran this up, Anita  helped me make a few tweaks to perfect the block.

I hope to finish this and a few travel essentials before I head off to Italy in mid December.  Via tessuti!  If I don't have time to blog before departure, I'll be back in late January with tales of ancient cities, wine, fabric, leather goods and shoes.  Meanwhile happy holidays and happy sewing.