Saturday, December 11, 2010

The animal in me

Interview with self

So tell me about your latest project?

I've just completed another version of Simplicity 2648 from the amazing fit collection working with some lovely black and creme crepe animal print.

Are you happy with it?

You bet! This version is fully lined and I managed to overcome some of the fitting issues I had last time round. It is almost perfect.

Well you know we sewers are perfectionists. If I make this dress again, I think I will add a fraction more wearing ease around the rib cage. The underarms could be cut a little deeper. Or maybe I should just shed a few excess kilos! I do like the lining and the lace edging on the zip and hem.

You've been reflecting on your personal style recently. Where does this garment fit?

I originally planned this dress for business, but its too 'va va boom' if you know what I mean. I'll wear it to the theatre and I have a cocktail party in early February. In terms of personal style, it doesn't break any of the rules I set - it's well cut, the print is low key, the colour palette is within the limits.

So what will you be working on next?

I have two items already cut and ready to go: a sleeveless trench dress, based on Burda 4/2008 107 and a cropped jacket Vogue 8604 (pictured below) cut from the leftover fabric from the dress. I doubt that I'll wear them together, but you never know. After that I have a head full of ideas, but I really need casual summer tops.

Anything else to share?
Had such a fabulous afternoon with husbie and the girls celebrating husbie's birthday at the Deckhouse Restuarant. Perfect Sydney day and my silk dress had another outing. It was quite windy and the top half is billowing out with the seabreeze. I am not that big!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Defining my image

Thank you for the encouraging comments on my summer kaftan. I'm equally pleased with my new Burda 1/2009 105B skirt from black and white plaid silk dupone which I wore last night to the Sydney Theatre Company.

This skirt is very quick and easy to construct. I made two alterations. The hembands are cut on the bias and I had only a small amount of fabric - left over from a friends curtains!! I cut the front band in one piece on the bias as per the pattern. The back band had to be cut in three pieces from the remaining scraps of fabric.

My other deviation was to include a lining, made without the pleats for a smoother fit. I will definitely make this skirt again in winter from a good wool and would consider interfacing the hem band. I didn't think to do this and it is a little lightweight in comparison to the rest of the garment.

I love my Israeli silver earring - a present from my DD who returned home
last night.

I have been giving quite a bit of consideration to my 'fashion image' for want of a better way of putting it. This was prompted in part by a newspaper rant from an 80 year old woman who wanted to buy smart casual clothes for a cruise trip. She was still looking for stylish clothing and was unable to find well fitting, age appropriate clothing that flattered the "shape I had struggled all my life to retain". It raised two questions in my mind "Would I still be interested in fashion at 80?" ANSWER probably yes and "What is age age appropriate for a woman of 52? I was a little less definitive about this.

The answers I came up with were:

  • Block colours and low key prints
  • A minimal palette for business - black, white, neutrals, red
  • A little more adventure for casual wear - hence my journey into green for the kaftan.
  • Well cut clothing with clean lines, not too body but no baggy sacks either
  • Good quality accessories - people notice your shoes - they should be stylish, leather if possible and in good repair.
  • Statement jewellery, but used sparingly.