Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's been a while

I've been very short on sewing time lately -organising a charity dinner at my daughter's school and working in town on an in-house contract have rather preoccupied me. I did manage to slip in two sewing projects.

First up I completed my 1944 Vogue original design dress. This was a test pattern to see if I liked the style enough to make the evening gown for a ball I'm going to in November. The answer was a resounding no! There is nothing wrong with the dress, in fact it's quite pretty on. But it isn't me. I know that I will be shot down in flames, but I really don't like vintage. I'm giving away this pattern to a follower, because I know so many of you do. Just include a comment letting me know that you'd like to receive it. I'll wear the dress eventually - it requires a certain mood.

Enough of random sewing. I am back onto my linen collection. The jacket (Burda June 2008 115) was completed some time ago and blogged about here. I bought the Japanese cotton skirt fabric at the same time, with an edgy summer business suit in mind. The skirt is finally completed using Burda March 2008 114. This is a great pattern that I will use again and can vary with ease. I love the pockets and the pleats in the front. I am really pleased with way this outfit turned out. Forgive the photo - I hads already removed the makeup and was about to take off the outfit after a long day when it occured to me I should have it photographed. So you get me warts and all!

I've cut out a white linen blouse using McCalls 6035 in the hope this will be one plain blouse that suits me. The princess seams and the puffier sleeve shift it along from the man style white shirt that just does not suit me.

I still haven't touched the Donna Karan muslin. I'm not sure why - I think perhaps because I've changed my mind about the material that I was going to use and summer is almost at an end. It's on the back burner.

Happy sewing ladies!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Warning bright colours ahead

Put it down to fear of the Karan, Donna Karan that is. I just can't bring myself to work on my jacket muslin for 'the collection'. Instead I have wondering around the stash picking up the most random pieces of cloth that should been ousted based on my new found sewing philosophy.

This silk dress is one case in point. I bought the fabric from Hong Kong a few years back with the intention of a maxi dress, but never found the right pattern. Look its wild, but I really enjoyed wearing this dress to the theatre last night. Just pull it over the head, add boots and earrings and away I went. Silk against the skin is the best feeling.

I used a lengthened version of Simplicity 2696, a kaftan pattern which I blogged about here. Who says elegant minimalism can't be colourful?

I am also nearly finished another dress which is way out of my comfort zone. It is really a test dress for an evening gown pattern - and has definitely been ruled out on that score. The pattern is pictured below and I will have pictures of the finished garment shortly. Mine is a short floral version.
Not sure where to go next with my sewing. The weather is becoming cooler, so would prefer a three-quarter sleeved version of the Donna Karan jacket. I'll overcome my trepidation and get started. Right after I go through the stash again...?
I've also just started working in house for at least a month and potentially much longer. So sewing time will be limited. Worse, I will not have as much time to check out what all my blogging friends are up to.