Friday, March 23, 2012

Finally a finished item and some nice awards

I feel a little larger than life in this blouse - a signal that my weight gain is getting out of control - start walking home from work.  The fabric was bought in London and I had something else in mind, so only purchased a metre.  I compromised and cut the Collette Jasmine on the straight rather than bias grain.  It works well enough, but if you are doing this be sure to add an extral centimetre of ease.  I didn't do this and feel that it is a little clingy over the bust.  The pants are from Burda, blogged about here.

I'll let you in on a secret. I'm not a big fan of Collette patterns.  The designs are nice but they are not that well drafted and not true to size.  This blouse is a case in point.  I had to nip about four centimetres from the neckline and the should have taken a little more out from the armhole.  My other issue is the unnecessary facing around the neck.  A far better result is achieved by using biased binding.  Join the binding in a vee shape at the centre front, understitch then sew inplace.  It sits very neatly under the collar and you have no concerns about ironing the facing down or having it pop out.  I've used French seams, bound arm hole seams and attached the cuff with a seam and a hand finish on the inside of  turning so the overall finish of the garment is very neat.

Now the awards which I confess to being tardy about recognising and sharing.  Apparently I'm a Versatile Blogger, according to Diana from Canada and Judith from Australia.  I have another award from Becky which I'll tell you about next posting.

To accept you follow these rules:
1.  add the award to your blog
2.  thank the blogger who gave it to you
3.  mention 7 random things about yourself
4. list the rules
5.  share the award with 15 other bloggers.
6.  inform them.

So 7 random things about myfabrication.
1.  While I love Australia, it is an island I have to get off.  I love to travel.
2.  I have an unrealised ambition to speak French
3.  I love receiving comments on my blog
4.  I see sewing and revival of domestic arts as a feminist pursuit
5.  Both my parents are still alive, but only just
6.  I have two brilliant and ambitious daughters
7.  Apart from sewing, my passion is theatre .

I'm meant to choose 15 bloggers, but despite following hundreds I find this hard. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so instead I single out five of my favourites from around the world.  There are a few others I'd add, including Sherry from New Zealand, but I know that they have already been given the gong.
1.  Alison in Hong Kong - a talented seamstress with a great sense of style
2.  Marie-Noelle my gracious host in Paris who makes beautiful clothes for herself and others
3.  Handmade Jane who showed me the wonders of Goldhawk Road in London
4.  Paco, an absolutely charming gent from Barcelona who designs clothes that everyone should be making
5.  J.Kaori designs from the US who isn't sewing as much as she used to but when she does, you notice her work.  Check out her snakeskin parka.

I cut four other blouses when I cut the Collettee. Right now I'm working on a plain white cotton blouse from my TNT McCalls 5433.  I have a navy blouse silk from the same pattern.

Happy sewing ladies! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Simply perfect faux and Pantene projects

 I've finally sewn the 1 metre piece of high quality faux leather I bought from the Dondaemun fabric markets in Korea in 2010.  Ok the skirt is plain, but it is a really versatile little number and I love it.  I made it from a self drafted basic skirt pattern - two darts front and back with a centre back seam, invisible zip on the side.  I've lined with yellow polyester lining fabric.

I'm wearing it with a t-shirt I made long before I started blogging, a Veronica Maine jacket circa 2006 and shoes from the late 1980s that I recently recovered from a bag in my garage.  They are Italian, in three shades of brown and tan suede with a comfortable square toe and chunky heels.  Oh and I'm also quite keen on the my $3 necklace in faux gold from Vinnies.

 What's happening with my Beignet skirt? Well the picture speaks for itself. How do you complicate the Beignet project? You insist on doing bound buttonholes... all twelve of them!  Black on black sewing at night isn't great for me at present.  I have five done and I can't face the other seven.  I even looked in the stash to see if I had enough leftover fabric to replace the panel, but alas I did not. So the Beignet languishes and I have cut out another blouse.  I justify my actions by telling myself that I need blouses much more than skirts.  I've renamed the project the Pantene know the won't happen overnight but it will happen.

Happy sewing ladies!