Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A red sky in the morning

...is the planet's warning. Oy vey the weather we have been having in Sydney is enough to stop climate change denial in its tracks. The dust rolled in from the Western desert on Tuesday morning. We woke to an eerie glow of red that faded to grey as the day wore on. There was so much dust in my house that you could write your name on floor. Got cleaned up only to be hit by another storm of lesser severity on Saturday morning. While we are calling it dust, it is actually top soil - an absolute disaster.

With the eternal dusting and Jewish High Holidays I have been doing more reflecting than sewing. The DVK dress is beautifully made, but too tight across the bust. It was so stupid not to make a muslin first. I used a tried and trusted pattern for knits, but it didn't have enough ease for a woven fabric.

The HHs are a time of reflection and resolution. My resolution - to look after my body more. I've been piling on the weight since my 50th and I hate it. So I say to myself, lose 10kgs. I will feel better and will have an entirely 'new' wardrobe of clothes that currently don't fit. Dianne's blouse still is not finished. I've been tired and busy and hope that she will understand. Will post pictures of the DVK soon - it is worth showing off, just not on me!

PS today I went to the gym!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm so lucky

My lovely blogger friend Cindy sent me 2 1/2 yards of beautiful silk tweed for my Chanel challenge jacket. The colours are much more muted than they appear in the photograph. It arrrived from the US just in time as my muslin is completed.

Spring is on the way here, so I am making a three quarter sleeved version of Simplicity 4954, a simple classic Chanel style with no closure. I am considering plaiting three colours of super-fine pleated chiffon for the trim. I want a light and feminine feel. The plan is to wear with a matching chiffon blouse and white trousers.

I'm also working on a BWOF June 09/108 blouse which is 50th birthday present for my friend of 37 years Dianne. I really need to finish this before the weekend. I'm using fabric almost identical to the one published in the magazine. She lives 700 miles away, but we spent a girls weekend in Noosa recently and I was able to do a tissue fit.
My other major project is my dress for DD's valedictory dinner. I went into David Jones (major department store) and tried on a Dianne Von Furstenberg dress in this style.
While it looks rather simple in this picture, the one I tried on was in a beautiful floral silk and worn unbelted, looked very elegant and understated. At $545 I couldn't contemplate buying it, but will make my own. I have a gorgeous piece of silk in beige, red and pink that I will use. I am drafting the pattern at the moment. Interestingly the workmanship wasn't too great for a garment of that price. While it was lined, the sleeves were attached only with an overlock stitch. I will wear the dress with my Sophie Kyron necklace that I wore at my youngest daughter's Bat Mitzvah.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little black dress

I am so happy with this dress which I made for my oldest daughter.

I used BWOF June 2009 115 and added sleeves from dress 129 - all Burda sleeves seem to be cut the same and can be interchanged with sleeveless dresses. There is nothing fancy in the sewing but the end result is fine. The seams are overlocked and it is lined with stretch jersey that I bought for $1 a metre. The fabric is from my bargain pile from the Remant Warehouse. It is black with flecks of blue in the lace. The total cost $7.95!

While my DD doesn't look too happy in this photo, she does love the dress. Possibly she'll wear it to her graduation dinner later this month. I'm now working on designs for her graduation cocktail function and her formal. I need dresses myself for the dinner and cocktail function.

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