Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heat beater

Sydney has experienced its hottest day since 1939 and Australia is sweltering from bush fires and off the gauge temperatures.  So my  sewing year has begun with a heat beating cotton tunic dress using my go to kaftan pattern Simplicity 2696.

After completing the machine sewing, the finished garment looked too much like a nightdress, so I gathered up some plastic beads that my daughters used to play with when they were younger and set to work on some Indian style beading.

Totally therapeutic and much quicker than you imagine.  I completed the beading over three nights of watching television.

I also have been working on a gorgeous lace mini skirt for my daughter which is waiting on zipper and hemming.  I've also finished a simple bamboo tshirt for my daughter and new black skirt for myself - an exact clone of one I sewed here, but this time will more sewing expertise.

I'm not sure that I'll get much more sewing done this month as I'm going down to Tasmania for a holiday and have booked my machines in for servicing while I'm away.

I plan to cut a knit top and piece together a muslin for a jacket to keep me occupied until the machines come home.  Thanks for all you encouragement about my huge to do list. 

This current offering is both a kaftan and a dress.  Do I deserve two ticks?!

Happy sewing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Forward thinking

I once heard a song with the lyrics "time is a slippery fish, now".  Doesn't that perfectly describe the plight of the avid sewer who does not have enough nanoseconds in day to finish their projects? But I  have high hopes for sewing in 2013 and to have something to tick off at end of the year.

The two patterns that I'm putting on my 'why haven't I sewn this yet?' - get on with it list are Vogue 1090, a stunning Michael Kors tunic and a Burda jacket that I've admired since June 2008!

My aspiration list includes
• A chambray shirt

• A blue lace skirt

• An heirloom wool jacket

• A quality wool coat

• A trouser suit

• A tuxedo jacket

• A sporty parka

• Versatile lightweight or unlined jackets for work and play

• More knit tops

• More dresses, including a black dress

• More kaftan tunics

• Cargo pants

• Fancy pants

• A winter evening coat

• A few sweatshirts for early morning walks and winter exercise

I also have some special needs this year:

• Daughter’s 21 birthday party (DD & me)

• Nephew’s wedding

• Daughter’s valedictory dinner (DD & me)

• Daughter’s end of school cocktail party (DD & me)

• Daughter’s Year 12 Formal

If I can tick off half of this at the end of 2013, I'll be a happy seamstress.