Monday, March 11, 2013

Evolution blouse

My sewing seems to have a back story lately.  Don't get me wrong I love my new blouse, but it evolved in order to survive.

Nature intended for the blouse to follow Anne Klein's design Vogue 1294.  But somehow I didn't get the instructions and couldn't figure out how the collar worked.  It was also a little low cut for my liking.  So evolution stepped in and the blouse metamorphised into a necktie blouse with a ruffled front that extends around to the back.

By the time I got to sleeves I was feeling a bit smug and creative and added a fringe trim cut from the fabric selvidge.  Not so sure about the evolutionary benefits of this stage, so perhaps the wings will be clipped!

The best thing about the blouse was that I was able to cut the pattern straight from the pack without my usual 3cm fba and large adjustments.  Weight loss is a beautiful thing.  5 kilos down and more to go.

Not sure where my sewing is going next.  I have the most beautiful cyclamen wool to match this blouse but tailoring will have to wait for the 'new me'.   So happy sewing while I go upstairs and decide!