Friday, November 15, 2013

How to break your mother's heart

I must admit that I was surprised when my darling DD chose sequins for her formal.  She is not a  girlie girl, very pragmatic about clothes and from next year will commence studies for a career that requires hob nailed boots rather than heels.

I should have offered caution about the bling factor.  When she started to make comments that she felt the sequined top was too much, I thought that she would come around eventually. But she persisted and stubbornly taking piece of black silk from my stash, threatening to wear it unsewn, wrapped around her.

I've got to admit, I admired her creativity and tenacity, but couldn't allow the inevitable wardrobe malfunction.  So two nights before the event, I stopped crying over my couture work and gave in.

I cut the same design in the black silk. The workmanship is sloppy and it breaks my perfectionist heart. But my DD is happy and confident.  After all it was her night!

I wore a new silk Satuki from Victory patterns to the pre-party.  It is a great pattern and the perfect party frock for Sydney summer.  I'd already worn it to a cocktail party the week before but don't have any proper photos yet.  Highly recommend the pattern if you need to whip up a quick dress.  My fabric width was narrow so made the flounce as a separate piece.  This works very well.  As you can see from our smiles, I am speaking to my daughter again, who promises to wear the top to a party soon.