Friday, February 15, 2013

'Rom Com' dress

I'm calling this my 'Rom Com' dress.  You know the story.  Boy meets girls, initial attraction, boy displeases girl, misunderstandings are overcome, girl loves boy and they live happily ever after. 

Translated into sewerlese the story goes.  Girl is instantly attracted to fabric which is not conventionally handsome but definitely attention seeking.  Fabric does not behave as planned.  There is not enough of it for starters, forcing girl to sew shoulder panels across the cross - not recommended for silk faille.  And to the definition of silk faille...Heavy in weight yet maintains a shallow, graceful drape...we must add ##@@!! slippery and full of static, beware of cutting error!  Pattern Butterick 5415 runs large and long.  Much snipping and trimming and repeated unpicking brings dress into a loveable state.

Getting to know my rom com dress better.  We quite like each other now, but remaining static electricity in the fibres (is it actually silk?) leaves me unsure about any happy ever afters.  Worked well for Casual Friday.  Not casual I know, but not corporate is the best a suit can do.

Weight loss is progressing well, 3 kgs lighter and 2cms smaller.  I've finished my daughters lace skirt, but won't have a photograph until the weekend.  Next up...something with princess seams as I think this might be the easiest garment to downsize.

Love to hear about your own "Rom Com" dresses.  Happy sewing.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just like a sailor


You know the old saying about sailors having a girl in every port, well I'm a bit like that too.  A sewing pal to meet up with wherever I roam.  On my recent holiday to Tasmania I had the pleasure of meeting up with Carol of Sew I've been thinking over a few glasses of wine. 
I've included a shot of my new beaded kaftan dress, worn under denim in chilly Launceston. 
I made the white cotton voile top seen on a beach in the Freycinet Peninsula for a trip to Israel and Jordan in 2010.  Its a very practical traveller.
Throughly recommend Tasmania as a holiday destination, especially for those needing to recharge the batteries and get in touch with nature.  Walking in Cradle Mountain was a highlight, and I'm proud to say I climbed the peak in the right hand corner of the shot.  Hobart has much to offer especially the MONA gallery.  I've visited many galleries around the world and rate it among the best.  This is largely due to the interactive technology used, creating a very different intellectual and sensual experience than simply viewing images.
Sewing?  A little tricky at the moment as I've rejoined Weight Watchers in a bid to shed 10 kgs.  So tailoring is out for several months.  I'm making a loose fitting silk dress to wear to a party in a few weeks, finishing my daughter's lace skirt and then will reevaluate my plans.