Wednesday, September 28, 2011

At home with Julia

Sadly only my Aussie readers will get the joke about Julia our much maligned Prime Minister, Julia Gillard who has a perchant for while jackets with deep necklines.

The white jacket Butterick 5619 is my latest from my long spring/summer sewing list to be completed. I made it for the Jewish New Year as it is a Rosh Hashanah custom to wear white garments. The color white symbolizes purity and renewal and on Rosh Hashanah, we wish to make a fresh start and renew ourselves for the new year.

The jacket is unlined and I've used Hong Kong seam bindings and French seams on the sleelves.  The jacket is a great fit, but I'm not sure the flying saucer neckline is for me.  The lapels are so big that a gust of wind fly the tip of the lapel into my red lipstick.  I'll use the pattern again, but will change it to a more conventional neckline.  

The fabric for my jacket came from the Tessuti's roll sale. I shared a $10 roll with another buyer - there was just over 4 meters on the roll.  Not the greatest quality as it has a lot of spandex in the weave, but great for testing ideas.

 I've completed a new silk chiffon blouse Butterick 5561. I struggled with this garment as the pieces didn't seem to fit together in the way they were intended.  I found the pleat in the bottom of the sleeve made the sleeves tight and puffy, so I removed it and re-cut to achieve a straight (straightish?) line.  Overall, not a winner, but pretty and wearable, especially under a jacket.
Next up - I had a cutting binge recently.  I cut my jacket, two Vogue knit dresses and two t-shirts.  I also have an unfinished faux suede leopard print trench jacket perilously close to finishing. I made great progress, then the weather warmed up and I lost motivation to complete. Now it is a little cooler the sewing room poltergiest has stolen the upper sleeve piece.  I have searched everywhere.  I have contacted the company I bought the fabric from.  They have none left!! My solution - I think - will be to cut the upper sleeve from an old black sweater and add a matching sweater trim somewhere else on the garment. 

I am also very happy to announce that I was lucky enough to win Becky at Sew and So's fantastically generous gift voucher give away.  Becky makes lovely garments and is a great refashioner.

Finally, to my fellow Jewish sewers (are there any out there?) Le Shana Tova and to the rest of my friends happy sewing.  May this year be a sweet one.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Band wagoning

We've been a little late to jump onto the Vogue 1250 bandwagon down- under.  Now that Spring is here I'm keen to wear more dresses and man this is an easy dress to piece together.  I whipped this up in two hours from cutting board to hand finished hemline, just in time for my friend's 50th birthday party.  The fabric is a butter soft gold and black knit jersey from Tessuti.  I love it with my orange cardigan (the best mistake I ever made) and boots and can't wait to shed the outer layer and show my pedicured toes again!

My spring/summer sewing list is long and I have a stash in serious need of busting.  I've set out some of the priorities:
  • 5 blouses for work (white, black & pale pink polka dots, gold silk, printed chiffons)
  • 5 weekend t-shirts that can be dressed up (striped, red, fine striped, black, blue)
  • 3 tunics/casual chic wear (from the linen stash)
  • Dresses - I have 8 patterns (mostly DKNY and Tracy Reese) that I would like to make in no particular order.   
  • A maxi dress (Simplicity 3503)
  • New white pants
  • A ball gown (I have a big event in mid-November thinking Alessandra Rich simple lines with contrasting lace)
  • 3 lightweight summer jackets or suits
Now you can see why I don't make lists!