Friday, February 24, 2012

Spice of life

A while back, before my steely determine to focus on only essential wardrobe sewing, I signed up for a bag sewing workshop with my sewing guild.  A group of us got together today with Monica Poole working from a single pattern Spice of Life Moon Shine bag.  It was amazing to see the variety of styles that we came up with - from traditional cotton quilted bags to leopard print faux fur to my own woven upholstery carpet bag.

I'm really quite proud of my foray into bag making, although confess to leaving off the inner pockets in order to complete the magnetic closure by the end of the workshop.  The fabric and even stiff wadding made for hard going and I broke four needles in the making.  Not sure how many bags I will make into the future, but this is definitely not my last.

Meanwhile back at real sewing ranch, my faux leather skirt is nearly finished and looks great with the gold blouse and these funky vintage 80s three toned brown suede court shoes I found in a bag of junk in my garage.  My Beignet has just been unpicked and re-pinned as it was way too big.  Frankly I am worried about the Beignet as the high waist may not be the easiest look for me to pull off.  We shall see.

Happy sewing ladies!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

From boho to the boardroom

From boho to the boardroom just about sums up my wardrobe requirements.  2012 sewing wise will be a year of practical sewing, not making garments for 'fantasy me' - who by the way is terribly glamorous,  slim and wears lots of slinky knit frocks - and not following every trend in blogland.  Nope.  In 2012 I intend make at least 30 separates that coordinate with existing garments or with other pieces I'm making.  A SWAP of sorts, but not a published list to check off.

Had a bit of the slow start to the year due to a horrible bronchial infection courtesy of Singapore Airlines, but I'm very happy with my productivity to date. 

First up my second 'this is me' kaftan, made from silk voile purchased on the Goldhawk Road in London.  Sometimes you know exactly what a piece of fabric will become right away. I had actually finished my purchases at the store when I saw this fabric out of the corner of my eye.  One touch and I was handing over the plastic fantastic again.  It is not as see through as the flash photography suggests.  I'm wearing it to a friend's 50th birthday party.

My gold silk blouse McCalls 6436 was almost still born.  My original version included pockets that were so droopy they had to be removed and the slippery, stretchiness of this fabric frustrated me.  Then I ran out of matching cotton, so left it to work on the more satisfying kaftan project.  I do love the finished product.  I am planning to use buttoned down soft drapey blouses with more rigid structured skirts a key part of my 'boardroom' wardrobe.

Next up, I have two skirts cut. A brown faux leather and a black ponte Beignet.

Happy sewing!