Saturday, September 8, 2012

A little white magic

Snippets of a conversation at my place that started about three weeks ago...

DD2:  Mum I'm so excited, I've been invited to [insert name of posh Sydney boy's school] social.
Mum: That's lovely darling, you'll be able to wear your black dress again.
DD2:  But I've worn that twice already.  Everyone is getting new dresses.

One week later at the store...
Mum:  $450, no way
            This one is lovely [pointing to something pink and dainty]
DD2:   Silent [rolling her eyes].  I really like this one.
Mum:  No way, I can't buy a dress that has raw edges and is see through!  I'll make a dress.  It is so simple, I can easily copy it.
DD2:  Why can't I have a new dress.
Mum:  But the dress I make will be new

Three days later at the fabric store...
DD2:  Don't expect me to be enthusiastic about anything you show me.
Mum:  [private thoughts] Spoiled brat, where did you get this sense of entitlement.

A few days later...
DD2:  You're going to Melbourne...on business...for three days...but what about my dress?
Mum: [private thoughts] I'm an idiot, why didn't I give in to her.

Two nights to go...
DD2:  Are you ever going to finish my dress
Mum:  Of course I will, have I ever let you down [private thoughts] maybe I'll have to do an all nighter.

The night of the party...
DD2's friend:  I lOVE your dress.  Where did you get it?
DD2:  My Mum made it.
friend:  Your Mum is amazing!

Amazing?..I'm not so sure, but certainly capable of a little white magic!  DD's dress is a copy of a dress by Australian designers Maurie and Eve  that was selling for $250.  While pretty, the original had poorly finished seams and was completely unlined - requiring a slip or the audacity to go out looking like a hooker.  This version is in white crinkle chiffon, lined with white silk.  It isn't perfect, in my near midnight delirium I made the skirt a little tighter than I wanted and it rides up.  But it made my DD2 happy and that is what being a mother is all about.