Monday, February 14, 2011

Trench coat dress in action

This is the first time it has been cool enough to wear my trench in casual mode. I've teamed it with my striped t-shirt (self-drafted) and my favourite white linen pants.

I'm taking my eldest daughter and her boyfriend to lunch. She is leaving me this week to go to college in Melbourne. This girl has a great future ahead of her, but I'm a little sad.

Anyway she said I looked nice and suggested a photo for my blog. Perhaps this was down to the new laptop I just bought her...?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not much to skite about

This week has not been much about sewing. I've had a visitor who is sleeping in my sewing room until Tuesday, too much professional work to cope with, back to school functions, not to mention just plain lack of motivation. You know that old Joan Baez song about motherhood where she wails "I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired..." as a refrain for all mothers around the world.
So the only sewing I got done this week was to finish my Butterick 5283 version C t-shirt. I remember Erica Bunker made this top, didn't wear it, then decided later that she liked it. I'm feeling the same - it is comfortable, soft and drapey, but... the indefinable but...
Perhaps it is that both my daughters and my husband asked me if the twist is meant to be off centre? It is also a little big at the back of the neck and I'm contemplating unpicking and adjusting it.
Next up, I need to start piecing my muslin together for the Donna Karan jacket.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Elegant minimalism

The style manuals all suggest that no woman's wardrobe is complete without a crisp white blouse. Unfortunately, the traditional white collared shirt looks rather dowdy on me. So I took out my pattern drafting manual and came up with this white linen shirt/jacket.
I am quite proud of my efforts - although this rather rumpled photo does it no justice. We've had a week of heatwave and I am simply too lethargic to pose it in or iron it properly! I feel like I have been living in a blast furnace.
The tie front extends from the side seam and joins to a separate piece on the lower front, giving the impression of a peplum. It teams beautifully with my recent black linen trousers, so I feel I have some coherence to my work.

I've also completed my January jacket for the jacket a month quota. This design is very clever in the way the lining is turned through a gap in the centre back, then hand stitched.
At first I was very hestitant about the cape sleeved bolero. I don't normally wear anything cropped and it felt it little costumey. But it works with my sheath dress in the same fabric for a dressy occasion, and with black tshirt and trousers for a more casual look. It is not my favourite items, but it may get the occasional outing.
I nearly finished another summer tshirt using Butterick 5283 version C and I've cut a muslin for my February jacket Vogue 1093. The Donna Karan designed jacket will be made in mustard coloured linen. I adore the pattern, but can see why it is ranked difficult by Vogue - the pattern markings look like ancient hierogythics. Hope I can pull it off.