Saturday, April 18, 2009

Japanese print tunic

After three days out of town on business I needed to create something. Surely this is a sign of addiction? So I whipped up this tunic from nylon mesh material that I bought at the Spotlight sale for $3 a metre. The pattern was taken from a much more expensive garment by Vixen. It is a very flattering clever design that has no side seams except under the arms. The pieces wrap around to a centre back seam. It can be worn over a slip dress, as shown in my pictures, or over black trousers. I often wear my other one with trousers and a black tailored vest. I love this garment, particularly the Japanese feel. The fit is perfect. I seem to have better results when I trace from or unpick existing garments to make my patterns. Hopefully my new Pleisch and Palmer books on fit will change this.

Also I want to make my husband a few casual shirts for winter. Can anyone suggest a pattern?


  1. Ohhhh I love it!!! The pattern and the fabric!!!

  2. Wow, that's really chic!
    Men's Shirt Pattern: Simplicity 7030
    I've used it twice, it's my hubby's favorite.

  3. This is really nice! I'm just cutting out a men's shirt in a similar print, but on a quilting cotton that my DH picked out. I've used a Kwik Sew pattern and I've used a Burdastyle free pattern that I downloaded from their website. Both are fine, except for my fitting issues. My bloke is huge in the chest and shoulders and tiny in the waist. Very nice to look at but a nightmare to fit! If your husband has a shirt you like the fit of, compare it to the pattern you choose. If you start getting into menswear, I highly recommend the Kwik Sew mens' pant patterns. I have a regular flat front pattern and a jeans pattern that are super easy and give very professional results. In addition, Stitches magazine has a series of articles written by a fellow (I think his name is Martyn) who works for Kwik Sew and he shows step by step how to make them. I can copy them for you if you don't have them. Good luck!

  4. Wow - that's a stunning dress! LOVE IT!!!

  5. Beautiful tunic.
    For mens shirt I use Kwik Sew 2777. It's a very
    nice pattern.

  6. Dear Gail: Very unique and pretty, too. Thank you for posting such kind words on my blog. I really enjoy your blog, too. I love your bookshelf and I'm a book fanatic, too. :-)

    Very shortly, I'll be posting a write up from a fellow quilter so stay tuned whenever you're able. Take care and keep up the good work! -JC