Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm on the road again

Just think Willie Nelson and hum I'm on the road again.

I've been to Coffs Harbour, home of the big banana,

Ballina, home of the big prawn. both embarrassing Aussie tourist icons.

This week were taking the show to Dubbo home of the Western Plains Zoo were you can see African animals "in the wild" (a bit of a contradiction here?) and Bateman's Bay, just a nice a sleepy fishing village.
Sewing? Maya traced her first Burda pattern but a burgeoning social life has prevented the sewing of one sitch. I'm cut a muslin for my first BWOF jacket which I hope to run up tonight. If not no sewing until Sunday because I'm on the road again...yeeha!


  1. Have a safe journey, everything looks so beautiful!

  2. Enjoy your trip. It has always been my dream to visit Australia. Maybe some day!!

  3. Happy travels - WOW - you sure are covering quite a distance! Make sure you ride the bikes around Dubbo Zoo - they hire them there ..!!

  4. I'm so glad you made that Burda dress I've been wondering about it myself so it's good to see it made up on someone.

    I cannot believe your bio info. You cannot be that age.