Monday, May 11, 2009

My one armed lady

This jacket is a labour of love. Not only because am I working very hard learning new construction techniques but also because I have so little time to sew at the moment. It feels like every stitch is precious. It took such a long time to prepare the sleeve pleats and set in the sleeve and cuff that my jacket has only one arm. Still haven't sewn in those false flaps yet! Should I risk attempting a hidden pocket underneath? I'm having two-tone buttons made with tweed centres and black on the outside.
What has distracted me from sewing?
1) the travelling roadshow continues - I've been to Armidale, Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Kempsey and tommorrow I'm going to Lismore all the in space of one week.
2) I went to the theatre - The Wonderful World of Dissocia - a play that challenges the notion of theatre as entertainment. Rather the audience was taken on a journey into manic depression - the high was amazing and the low very low. We had to pay with low for the magic of the Alice in wonderland type experience of the first act.
3) I went to the new Star Trek film - didn't expect to enjoy it but loved it. The special effects are very special indeed and Zachary Quinto is mesmerising as Spock.
4) I did the 4km Mother's Day classic raising funds for Breast Cancer.
Much as I'd love to finish my jacket I think I've had an interesting week. What have you been doing?


  1. My week hasn't been nearly as interesting as yours. Your jacket is looking fantastic!

  2. What a busy lady! Back in the days when I still worked in film, I used to be in five countries in one week! These days I try to leave my property as little as possible. Your jacket is looking lovely. What is it going to go with? As for cultural activities, I recently saw the latest Sydney Dance Company offering, 360. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. Their new artistic director is taking the company in a very interesting direction.

  3. Wow, I am tired just reading your post. Your jacket is looking terrific.

  4. You are busy! Take your time on the jacket--it pays off in the end. It looks lovely. The sleeves are gorgeous!
    It is funny to see winter garments, I just stowed away all of our cold weather items!

  5. I love your version of this jacket. I'm thi nking of making it for my daughter.

  6. Your jacket turned out really great! Well done!