Thursday, May 14, 2009

How would you do this?

Yes yes I know I have a jacket to finish, but I can't do much sewing at the airport can I? Meanwhile I've fallen in love with this cardigan by Jill Sanders. Great disguise for back fat...I've seen sitting here trying to work out how to achieve that drape. I'm stumped. Any suggestions?


  1. My best guess is that the CB seam isn't straight, but has a big poking out bit which tucks inside to create the pocket effect.

    Imagine cutting the back pattern piece in half horizontally, and pivoting the upper portion at the side seam so you get a giant wedge in the middle. Then just draw a line to connect the bits. I think the CB is also flared out some from hem to where the wedge is. I can't tell if the seam extends to the hem, but that doesn't affect how I imagine it works.

    You've got me intrigued now too! A bit of playing around in small scale with scraps of fabric might be the best way to figure it out. I might just have to try - I LOVE a challenge!

  2. I agree with Judy. The whole thing depends on there being a back seam which isn't staraight.IMO, the top part or first third about must be straight. The wedge must happen past that point???

  3. Have you looked at the Japanese Pattern Magic books? I am sure they would give you some ideas.

  4. Great piece, hope you find out how it works.

  5. That center upper-back seam can't be attached to the center lower back seam... could it be cut as an "L" shaped pattern piece, (imagine a thick or wide"L") the top edge of the L forms the upper center back, and the right edge of the bottom L forms the center lower back seam.... maybe? You would have to play with it, but I think that would work. Neat concept.
    Let us know if you figure it out...
    Thanks for your lovely blog, by the way. I have just started following.