Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Haste makes waste!

I tried to finish my skirt quickly and made a total mess of it. No pictures, it is far too ugly.

I have two choices. 1) skirt RIP or 2) skirt RIP the seams apart and start again. My mistakes include but are not limited to:
  • trying to insert an invisible zip without looking at a tutorial. As a result my zip is not invisible!
  • using the dress fabric rather than a lighter lining fabric on the waistband lining. As a result my waistband is bulky and frankly, horrible.
  • not trimming my side seams down enough. As a result there is unwanted bulk on the side of the garment.
  • and perhaps, attempting to use woven techniques on a stretch fabric. I'm tempted to overlock the side seams.

I'm opting for the remedial approach. If anyone can point to a good tutorial on invisible zippers, I'd appreciate your support.


  1. Invisible zip - do you have the Simplicity Book: "Simply the Best" or one of those comprehensive "Readers Digest" type of books - their pictures are very good .... I don't have a scanner ... there must be something on the web ...?

  2. I totally recommend going to and typing in sewing an invisible zipper. There are several great videos that will come up. Good luck.