Monday, October 31, 2016

Dress rehearsals

I'll start this post with a disclaimer. I never go to the races, but the Spring carnival racing season always turns my head towards making dresses. I'm rehearsing dresses that might be worthy of my beautiful yellow frangipani silk.

Vogue 8902 is a worthy contender but not short odds. I love my new dress, just can't picture it in the yellow silk.

So the good stuff:
The beautiful quality cotton fabric was gifted to me by a woman I met at a sewing function.  
The pattern includes a D-cup size so needed very little adjustment.
The bias cut of the bodice makes for a comfortable fit.
The lining gives the garment a couture feel and looks great inside out.

Would I make it again?  Yes, perhaps in stripes or colour blocked version.  I will take the gathers out of the sleeves - uber feminine isn't really my thing!

I had just enough fabric left to trial Cynthia Rowley's 
Simplicity 1366.  This pattern has been appreciated by sewers from the start and I've been wanting to make my own version for a while.  I'm really happy with the top - even drew a rare compliment from my husband!  I wore this to work today and it looks only a bit crumpled at the sleeve. 

I have some blue silk to make other one.   Next time I'll take the neckline in by about 1cm, but otherwise its a comfortable fit, especially in the hot weather.  It is very quick to make - less than 2 hours including hand sewn hems, french seams and a hand stitched neck binding.  

I have five patterns and fabrics on my sewing table and I expect that I'll make a choice in my usual random way.  Meanwhile, happy sewing!


  1. I've made that vogue pattern and love it. I've been meaning to make it again. Like you, colour blocked and stripes are on my list!

  2. Lovely dress, I quite like the gathers at the sleeves.

  3. That turned out well. I bet it looks great on, too!

  4. Very nice. I have to go look at the pattern now, even though I've sworn off new patterns!

  5. Lovely dress! Those gathers don't really read as "ultra feminine", but you could always change them into a few small darts.
    Love that top on you!

  6. That dress is a lovely pattern and one I had overlooked. It would look lovely in a solid colour with all of those seams. The top looks great. I agree the neckline does run wide which is where mine is a bit of an issue as well.

  7. Your new dress will be perfect for summer but agree those gathers on the sleeves is not my thing either.