Monday, June 7, 2010

Decision time

Thank you all so much for your helpful suggestions for my leopard print. My fabric arrived from Hong Kong today and it is beautiful, but sheerer than expected. Far too light for a dress or skirt. I have decided to make a mock wrap top using Simplicity 4074. I've had this pattern for years and never used it. I will use a fuller sleeve (View D from Simplicity 2732). Unfortunately, the belt is a fabric guzzler (1.5mts) so may be forced to use a tie side instead.

My next dilemma - the belt or follow Mary Nanna's suggestion of a kaftan with the remaining fabric. I have a muslin cut for Simplicity 4528 that didn't make it on time for my Middle Eastern odyssey. The style would be perfect but I may not have quite enough fabric. Or BWOF did a very simple 4 for 1 kaftan a while back.

Meanwhile I am almost finished my Jalie tie neck knit, found the perfect buttons for my silk affair blouse and have completed few quick refashioning projects. All will be revealed next post.


  1. At the moment, I'm looking at my fabrics and sizing up scarves... but longer loops of fabric that I'll twist a few times around my neck. I got inspired by a black/bright colour shapes offcut my friend gave me... I'd loop it all around your neck to keep warm over an all black outfit. HOT

  2. I` ve made simp 4074 and it is for knit fabric - does your silk have stretch in it ?? Janine