Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nearly there

As you can see DD's formal dress is nearly done. The linings needs to be sewn in by hand at the zip edge and the side seam, hem and skirt to top lining. But I need your advice on a couple of things.

FIRST QUESTION: How to handle the skirt lining? My original plan was to attach a silk organza skirt lining to the hem and attach it by hand to the upper lining at hip height. I still want to use this method but my trouble is silk organza is ridiculously expensive (much more than the silk fabrics used in the garment!) Should I use left-over chiffon (which would have been a kaftan for me...oh well not really my colour) or an acetate lining? I have left over silk from the underskirt and upper lining, but it is too heavy for the purpose.

SECOND QUESTION: Embellish the waistband ro not? To me this waistband screams home made and is my least favourite part of the garment. I've seen some very high quality diamante trim in Tessutis and Bollywood Trims also has some interesting trims in purple and silver.

Next up, I'm refashioning my 80s vintage pencil skirt in this beautiful black French ribbon lace into a strapless cocktail mini for DD's other leaving school function. The top half in in black Thai silk and I'm trying to integrate some of the lace cut from the top of the skirt. We're using the same pattern as the formal dress but with a higher back. Straps may or may not be added depending on how different the two dresses look.

I'm also trying to finish two garments I started on my sewing weekend away with Sharon and her sewing buddies, so that I can look nice too!


  1. Wow, the dress is looking great! Can you see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel here? Wish I could add some useful suggestion on the lining, but that is not my forte. As for the waistband, I vote to embellish. I posted my own 19-year-old dress to refashion tonight. You had much better taste than I did, judging from the photos and your description of your 80's garment...

  2. Me too. Can't give any ideas for lining-but I think you should embellish the waistband. Color of the dress is lovely! Can't wait to see her wearing it!

  3. my, I hope your daughter knows the love and time you've put into this beautiful dress!!! If you embellish the waist I'd make it simple so it won't take away from all that unbelievable work you've done on the bodice!!!!! As far as the lining.... you've made such good choices on everything else, I'd just go with whichever seems best to you. You are a great seamstress!!!! Thanksgiving is a fun holiday to get together with family. There's not the stress of trying to find the right gift for everyone or having to spend the money. It's just get together and eat too much!!!

  4. When my friend designed/made my wedding dress she used synthetic organza for the lining and lower layers of the skirt to cut down on cost, the top fashion fabric was silk organza.
    I would embellish the waistband; the bodice looks very beautiful.

  5. I've sent you an award. Check it out on my blog. I want everyone to see this gorgeous dress you are making!!