Sunday, July 12, 2009

Il mio Missoni non è rifinito e una distrazione

My Missoni is not finished and a distraction...

But as you can see from this sneak preview, I've made great progress on the cardigan. I still need to hem and prepare facing bands for the neckline and front. I've decided not to include buttons but to wear it as a more free-form garment with an open revere.

Meanwhile I took Mini-Me shopping for some new basics - t-shirts, leggings and a jacket. She loves Sass & Bide and wanted to show me a dress that she liked ($179 you've got to be joking!). Stupidly I told her I'd make it that afternoon. And I did! She is totally rapt. The dress doesn't look much on the mannequin but it looks great worn with her black legging and skull and roses gum boots. Well, she has the kind of quirky style that works on girls under 25.


  1. Your cardigan is coming along nicely. Cute top too!

  2. What a cardigan! I bet you'll be glad you kept the front open. Plus, you can always change you mind later if you wear it a bit and decide you want closures.

  3. Cool! You're a cool mum! Great sewing!

  4. Your Missoni looks amazing. Can't wait to see the finished garment. I bet cutting into that fabric was difficult. My Missoni is still on the shelf- have to work up the courage!