Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A work in progress

I've completed my first jacket muslin. It was again a little tight through the bust. Does this mean I am starting to look Dolly Parton! This could be a fatal error but I decided to be lazy and adjust the pattern without remaking the muslin. Also I only sewed one sleeve on the muslin - which was a nice fit - will this make a difference?

Anyway I took a deep breath and cut away.

Another question for the experts - is it a good idea to use shirring elastic in the bobbin to create even gathers? In making the muslin I found it difficult to fit the gathers evenly as the pattern pieces are both curved. My idea is that by using elastic I can stretch it evenly to fit.

I post some pictures shortly when the sewing is started.

Also big news...I have one follower. Thank you to
http://nachfreundin.blogspot.com for giving me a little encouragement. This sewing enthusiast writes in German and the translations provided by Google Translator are providing some amusement. A rather literal approach!

Australia climatic dramas are also cause for concern. I travelled to Coffs Harbour on business on Friday, two days later roads are cut and flood waters on the rise. It feels surreal. Victoria is still tinder dry and fires continue to burn in many areas.

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